Frequently Asked Questions
What are the official channels for Sphere?
What does vesting mean?
What does unlock mean?
Where can I find the Sphere whitepaper?
Where can I apply to host my project IDO on Sphere?
What is an airdrop?
Do I need to KYC for every launch?
How do I use the swaps feature to buy my allocation?
Where can I find all the previous IDOs launched on Sphere?
Do you have a list of ROI of each previous IDO on Sphere?
What do I have to do to be whitelisted?
If I have been Whitelisted, how do I take part in the IDO?
If I have taken part in the IDO, how do I claim my tokens?
What time zone do you use?
Where can I find official articles from Sphere?
Will there be a lock period for those taking part in the SXS IDO?
Will Sphere give an opportunity to non-whitelist users to buy SXS IDO?
When is your IDO/TGE?