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Invest in IDOs
Buy in early to high potential projects, all of which have had to pass out strict due diligence process.
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Guarenteed Whitelist
SXS tier holders, have a far higher chance of winning a whitelist place, for our top tier holders, it is guaranteed.
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Scalable Allocations
A small allocation for all whitelist place winners is guaranteed. However, SXS tier holders get a significantly higher guaranteed allocation.
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Voting Rights
SXS tier holders have a say in the business, being able to vote on key decisions and future direction.
Invest with confidence
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100% Refund
Every IDO we do is protected by our refund policy. This ensures that investors can get 100% of their investment returned.
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We have a very strict due diligence process in place for all projects that want to do an IDO with us. We turn down over 90% of the projects that come to us. We believe in quality not quantity.
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All projects, all investors and all partners have to successfully pass KYC. This mandatory for every IDO we do, both from the project side, as well as from the IDO participant side.
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We can not remove all risk, but we have in place safety nets at all stages of an IDO to help protect our community and also the projects that do their IDO with us.
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